5 Differences in Custom-Built Movable Homes vs. Modular Homes

At Pinke Homes, our custom-built homes have a higher appraised value than a similar sized modular homes as each of our homes are a permanent structure and built with higher quality materials. Here are 5 reasons why a custom-built movable home from Pinke Homes matters when you choose to build.  

  1. Prefabricated homes lose value in home appraisals as they typically are built with lower-quality materials than are custom-designed and built homes. Custom-built homes have added value because they usually are built with higher quality materials. This adds even more to your home's overall value. Read this home appraisal guide and article for more information. 
  2. At Pinke Homes, our homes are built in one-piece, just as all our custom homes are. Each home design is designed and planned by Eldon and Nathan Pinke. Modular homes have flatter roof pitches and are built in two-pieces. Our custom-built homes are that are moveable have one floor joist system and always built in one piece with higher roof pitches just like it is built on your location.
  3. Our movable homes are built as if was built at your location, with all planning and design completed in-house and all work done by area contractor from our North Dakota community.
  4. Our movable homes are moved by a professional house mover, who we have worked with for decades in our family-owned and operated business and moved directly to your location of choice. 
  5. The house mover never drives more than 20 mph with your custom-built movable home. This is not a two-piece modular home, flying down the highway at 75 mph with shingles and siding fall off as the trucks cruise down to make a delivery. 

If you are located within 75 miles of Wishek, North Dakota, we still build on-site custom homes like we have for decades with a reputation for quality or you can purchase a completed, custom-built movable home. Beyond 75 miles from Wishek, our moveable homes are a great option for you and your family. The cost of moving is built into the price of the home for up to 250 miles from Wishek. We can add mileage beyond that and our house mover will delivery within North Dakota or South Dakota. 

Many customers want a moveable house for the ease of moving in, timing and want to understand the difference in purchasing one of our custom-built homes versus a modular home. Hopefully, this gives you some insight on the differences.

If you have further questions or want to discuss the home options we have available for you, please email Nathan Pinke npinkelumber@bektel.com or call Pinke Homes at 701.452.2301, Monday-Friday 8am-12pm CT or 1pm-5pm CT. Appointments for the evening or weekends are available.