Work With A Family Business To Build Your Home

Are you wondering if you are getting the best value from the new home builder you met? Are you tired of trying to find some customer service at a big box store to answer your questions?

When you partner with Pinke Homes, you work with a family business, rooted in rural North Dakota for decades. We pride ourselves in planning your custom home with you.

Eldon and Carol Pinke bought the lumberyard in Wishek, North Dakota in 1977 after Eldon had worked as a carpenter with his father and grandfather growing up and then as a young man. He began building homes in North Dakota in 1960. His success and growth in building across south-central North Dakota grew with the purchase of Pinke Lumber. 

Eldon's work is known across North Dakota and South Dakota. His meticulous planning and attention to detail cannot be duplicated. His expertise and breath of experience cannot be found in a big box store or by a new builder in North Dakota. Eldon's expertise is found in every home at Pinke Homes.

A second-generation started in our family business in 2007. Eldon's son, Nathan worked alongside him growing up and moved back to Wishek, following years in a professional sales management career. Today, Nathan and Eldon work daily together to deliver the highest quality planning and detailed custom home building in North Dakota. 

As Pinke Lumber has grown they expanded into Pinke Homes to create a solution for affordable, custom-built homes to be moved to locations across North Dakota and South Dakota. Depending on the location, we could possibly move into western Minnesota.

With Nathan and Eldon's expertise in planning and utilizing local and area contractors, they have built homes of all scales and sizes to meet an array of budgets. 

Homes within 80 miles of Wishek, North Dakota can be built on your site just as Pinke Lumber has done for decades. Or your home can built on site in Wishek, North Dakota, regardless of your location and be moved to you.

Every movable home goes through the same planning and building process as a home being built on site. No corners are cut in our family business. 

Your movable home is built in one-piece in Wishek, North Dakota by local and area contractors that our family business has worked with for decades. 

You work with our family business in the planning and the home is designed for your dreams, needs and budget.

You can choose all of your custom finishes from exterior to interior with our designer in our showroom. 

When it is time for the delivery of your new custom home, a professional house mover that has worked with us for over 20 years, moves your home, which can be anywhere in North Dakota, South Dakota or western Minnesota.

Your home doesn't come in a couple of pieces. It won't be flying down the road at 75 mph. Matter of fact, it will never move more than 20 mph and is always built in one piece with the same high-quality building materials that every house we build has.

The route is meticulously planned. The home is cared for with great pride during the move, just as our family designed, planned and built your home with you. 

There is a difference in building your next home with a family business in North Dakota. The importance of it will be noticed and felt by you as you start planning, designing and building your home. You will reap the rewards for decades to come in your custom home built in North Dakota, by Pinke Homes with our decades of expertise and experience. 

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